Adopt-A-Cell Campaign

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Team Goals
There are many goals and achievements that we would like to reach.
  1. Design and build NDSU's first solar vehicle and to compete in the American Solar Challenge 2001.
  2. Promote increased involvement in student organizations, in all levels of education.
  3. Educate the public of new energy alternatives available for transportation.

Why support Sunsetters?
The team goals listed above depict our willingness to help the community better itself for a bright and wonderful future. These goals can only be achieved with the help and support of the community. This unique experience will benefit everyone from team members, to sponsors, and to the community as a whole. We are asking for your help and support in this effort.

For an added incentive, the American Solar Challenge is a nationally televised event covered by PBS and shows like "World News Tonight" on ABC. The event has also been covered in magazines such as Popular Mechanics, Sports Illustrated and Popular Science.

Methods of Sponsorship
There are two main ways of sponsoring Sunsetters in our effort:
  1. Adopt-A-Cell Campaign

  2. Sponsorship
    1. Material
    2. Technical Support
    3. Monetary

  • Adopt-A-Cell Campaign:
    One of the largest expenses involved in building the solar vehicle is the solar array. To raise the money for the array approximately 1,000 cells are up for adoption to individuals or businesses at $20 each. More than one cell can be adopted and all monetary donations are tax deductible. This gift helps defray the cost of purchasing the cell and incorporating into the array.

    As an Adopt-A-cell participant you will be recognized on our web page and will receive a certificate that will recognize you as an honorary team member and show the location of your solar cell. An invitation to the unveiling of our vehicle will also be sent to you. If you are willing to adopt a cell, then please fill out the backside of this section and send your check to the given address. If you would like more information about Sunsetters, simply complete the form and send it in.

How You Can Help?
I would like to Adopt-A-Cell.
      I would like to adopt solar cells.
Please contact me with further sponsorship options.

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