On the road with Sunsetters
American Solar Challenge 2001
Kalamazoo Scrutineering Day 2
Tuesday, July 10

By Eric Bradley and Tim Barth

We had another successful day of scrutineering today. At noon we brought our solar array into the sunlight to test its output at the array scrutineering station. It provided the expected output and we passed this station with ease. Next was the support station, which is unique to this scrutineering event, so we had not been able to have this tested in Kansas. At the support station, the officials ensure that the lead and chase vehicles, which surround the solar car at all times on the road, have adequate markings and suitable safety equipment in case of road-side breakdown. After two minor modifications, we also received green on this station.

Our car at the array station The most demanding test of our car came at the dynamic station where our car is put through a timed figure 8 test and braking test. Our driver, Keith Richtman whizzed through the figure 8 test with the shortest time on one loop of any other car. The braking test was where we struggled the most at the Topeka scrutineering, but with some key improvements in our car, we were able to far exceed the stopping requirements and passed on the second attempt.

Keith completing the figure 8 test Having received green status on 6 out of 7 stations, we have only the mechanical station to tackle tomorrow. Upon passing this station, we will be completely qualified to compete in the American Solar Challenge!

Co-Electrical Leader Luke Graunke fixes some electronics

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