On the road with Sunsetters
American Solar Challenge 2001
Kalamazoo Scrutineering Day 1
Monday, July 9

By Eric Bradley and Tim Barth

The reason we are here!
The reason we are here!

Scrutineering in Kalamazoo will just be a repeat of the scrutineering we completed in Topeka in May. There are several small things we were yellow-flagged on in Kansas which have been fixed for this event. This is the last chance for ASC officials to evaluate our vehicle's safety before we head out on the open road to California.

We were scheduled today to complete scrutineering in body, sizing, and electrical. After approving our roll cage which had been recently made fully-encompassing, we easily received green status in body and sizing. The electrical officials then took a quick look over the car to ensure that it had not changed since Kansas.