On the road with Sunsetters
American Solar Challenge 2001
GingerMan Raceway and Lake Michigan
Thursday, July 12

by Tim Barth and Eric Bradley

As previously reported, we decided to drive the solar car from Kalamazoo to the GingerMan Raceway in South Haven, MI. Our friends at Minnesota State University - Mankato decided to join us on the route, making a six-car caravan on the busy highway 43. The trip went off without incidence seeing top speeds of 55 MPH.

Upon arrival at GingerMan, it was interesting to see some new cars on the racetrack, but our minds were not on solar car raycing at that moment. Having the next two weeks to commit to the solar car, we felt it was time to have some relaxation and fun time. Since the sun was hot, the clouds were sparse, and Lake Michigan was only a short drive away, we spent the afternoon on the beach south of South Haven. Water ultimate Frisbee, fun in the sand, and mixing with the locals consumed the rest of the afternoon. Following our afternoon of relaxation, we piled into the vans and headed to downtown Chicago to spend the night at the over-glamorized Congress Plaza Hotel.

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