On the road with Sunsetters
American Solar Challenge 2001
ASC Awards Ceremony
Thursday, July 26

by Eric Bradley

The American Solar Challenge and Cal Poly-Ponoma hosted a morning awards picnic at Bonelli Regional Park in Claremont this morning. It was a great time of socialization between teams including trading of team uniforms and, of course, distribution of awards. Awards given out include sportsmanship, teamwork, safety, spirit of ASC, and the three winners of each class.

A couple regional highlights:
The University of North Dakota received a sportsmanship award for their assistance to all teams over the cattle grate that destroyted their suspension. Minnesota State University-Mankato received a teamwork award for their perseverance in fixing and refixing their suspension. They also placed third in the stock class.

The North Dakota State University Sunsetters did not go without receiving an award today. In fact, we received two. The first award we received was the safety award distributed by the Russell Wolfe, the lead safety officer along the route. We received this for our excellent and safe procedures operating our solar car and controlling traffic during roadside stops. The second award we received was one of two Spirit of ASC awards, given to teams who have demonstrated their committment to the standards set forth by ASC. The fundamental mission of the American Solar Challenge is to promote and celebrate educational excellence. NDSU was chosen for this award because of our success in doing so as a rookie team.

After 11 days of solar raycing, signing autographs, and conversing with onlookers, we have packed everything up and are working our way northeast back to Fargo. Tonight we will be camping at Zion National Park in Utah, tomorrow probably in Denver, and will arrive in Fargo very early Sunday morning.

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