Sunsetters Data Sheet


President: Eric Bradley
Crew Members: Tim Barth, Paul Buchanan, Brian Freeman, Jason Gates, Luke Graunke, Dan Hodgson, Jim Karg, Nathan Keim, Joe Koehler, Jason Novacek, Angie Parker, Andrew Paulson, Keith Richtman, Adena Sisk, Bill Totenhagen, John Totenhagen, Tom Triplett, and Andrew Ulrich
Designated Drivers: Andrew Ulrich, Andrew Paulson, Luke Graunke, Keith Richtman, Joe Koehler, Tim Barth, and Jason Gates
Faculty Advisor: Wayne Reitz


Length: 4.88m
Width: 1.83m
Height: .96m
Wheelbase: 2.44m Front to Back, 1.22m Front wheels
Weight: 408.23kg without driver


Structural Construction/Materials: Fiberglass/Nomex, or honeycomb, flat panel boards bonded with micro spheres and Kevlar tape. Aluminum components integrated into frame include roll cage, roll bar, front/rear suspension mounts, and a hydraulically dampened lifting arm for the shell. Frame contains compartments for battery boxes and electronics.
Number of wheels: 4
Wheels: New Generation Motors wheels 5.7cm x 36cm
Tires: Bridgestone Ecopia, 36cm

Body Construction/Materials: Fiberglass/Nomex, or honeycomb, flat panel boards bonded with micro spheres and Kevlar tape. Parabolic contours formed with a combination of polyurethane foam and Kevlar cloth/resin mixture. Vacuum formed Polycarbonate Canopy.

Brakes: Hydraulically driven disc brakes on both front and left rear wheels; regenerative braking on rear drive wheel. Activated by braking pedal in driver compartment.

Suspension: Front, Double parallel A-arm design. Custom milled kingpins.
Rear, Independent double A-arm/trailing arm on both rear wheels. Pivoting aluminum motor mounting box is pined to lower frame. Shock mounted from mounting box to upper frame. All pieces, front and rear, are aluminum and heat-treated to increase strength.
Shocks front/rear, Arvin RydeFX spring/air dampened shocks.

Steering: Rack and pinion steering. Steering shaft mounted to top of frame in driver's compartment. Composite steering wheel.

Drive System

New Generation Motors SC-M150-08
Max RPM 1200, 96 Volts, Weight 20kg, motor diameter 31.5cm,
min/max air gap setting 1.75/6mm
Bodine Electric e-Torq Motor
Controller: New Generation Motors C200
Controls: Foot actuated accelerating pedal


Manufacturer: Optima
Weight: 29.91kg
Voltage: 12V
Ahr Capacity: 52 Ah
Discharge Rate: C-2
Number of Batteries: 8

Solar Array

Cell Manufacturer: Siemens Type I
Cell Efficiency: 14%
Estimated Peak Array Power: 934.09 Watts during both racing and charging configuration
Number of Cells: 610
Power Trackers: 4 AERL Buck Boost 300 Watt
Encapsulation technique: Sylgard Coating


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